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Welcome to KayakAddicts.com! We specialize in reviewing kayaks and kayaking gear, complemented by articles chock-full of paddling tips and techniques.

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Our Mission

The world of kayaking can be vast and overwhelming. We’re here to simplify it, making it more enjoyable, safe, and accessible. Recalling our humble beginnings and the hurdles we overcame, we aim to pave a smoother path for fellow enthusiasts.

  • Guidance Beyond Basics: Our tutorials go beyond the basics, guiding you from choosing the perfect kayak to mastering paddle strokes.

  • Reviews You Can Trust: Our team goes the extra mile, testing and evaluating gear to offer you the insights that truly matter.

  • Expert Tips & Techniques: With us, you get tips that come from countless hours spent in the water, battling currents, and enjoying tranquil paddles.

Our Story

Born from sheer passion and a thirst for authentic kayak and gear reviews in 2021, Kayak Addicts has grown from personal narratives and lessons learned on the waves. We wear our love for kayaking on our sleeves and are driven by the excitement of testing the latest kayaking equipment.

What started as a passion project has now evolved into a full-time commitment, with an ever-growing team of enthusiasts committed to delivering unparalleled content.

Who We Are

Our crew is a mix of passionate paddlers, kayak expedition leaders, and genuine gear enthusiasts. We don’t just write—we live the kayaking experience. From tranquil lakes to turbulent whitewater, our team’s hands-on experiences shape the depth and authenticity of our content.

Matthew Evans

Founder, Gear Analyst, and Editor-in-Chief

Matthew is Kayak Addicts’ founder and has been an avid kayaker for over a decade. His journey began on a local river with friends and has since taken him across waters worldwide. When he’s not kayaking, you’ll find him running, biking, or trekking.

Matthew Evans

David Cannamore

Writer and Kayak Expedition Leader

David makes the most of every summer, leading kayak expeditions in the breathtaking Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska. He has over a decade of expertise and vast knowledge of the sport. Nestled in the quaint town of Gustavus, David is currently honing his carpentry skills.

David Cannamore

Bethany Carter

Editorial Assistant

Bethany, an intrepid explorer, began her kayaking adventures at the age of twelve. Her voyages have taken her through the serene waters of southern England and Wales. When not paddling, she’s either scaling mountains, cycling across terrains, or camping under the stars.

Bethany Carter

Our Responsibility

To us, kayaking isn’t just a sport; it’s a lifestyle. And as promoters of this lifestyle, we take our responsibilities seriously.

  • Evidence-Based Reviews: Our reviews prioritize firsthand experiences. When that’s not feasible, we commit to exhaustive research, drawing insights from seasoned kayakers and user feedback.

  • Unbiased Recommendations: Our commitment is to you. Monetary gains never cloud our reviews. Every recommendation is made independently, ensuring our readers’ best interests always come first.

  • Sustainability: We’re conscious of the environment. Our recommendations lean towards lasting products, reducing the need for frequent replacements, and aiding in conservation.

Connect With Us

We’re more than just a website; we’re a community. Engage with us, share your stories, and let’s build the world’s most passionate kayaking family together. Get in touch with us through our contact page, or connect via social media on our Instagram and Facebook pages.