Best GoPro Camera Mounts for Kayaks

There’s no better way to capture every moment of a kayaking trip than with a GoPro. Durable, waterproof, and oh-so-versatile, GoPros are the champions of…

Best GoPro Mount for Kayaks

We may earn a commission from links, but we only recommend products we back. Why trust us?

We may earn a commission from links, but we only recommend products we back.

Why trust us?

There’s no better way to capture every moment of a kayaking trip than with a GoPro. Durable, waterproof, and oh-so-versatile, GoPros are the champions of the action sports videography world.

But no GoPro is complete without a proper mount. So when you’re kayaking, getting a quality mount to secure your camera is essential. Otherwise, you risk losing your camera or missing out on incredible footage.

We’ve reviewed the best GoPro mounts for kayaks to ensure you get the right gear for all your upcoming paddles. For more information, check out our buying advice.

Our Top Picks

If you’re in a hurry, here are our top picks. Or continue scrolling to see our full list with in-depth reviews.

Best Track Mount: YakAttack PanFish Pro Camera Mount

Specifically designed with versatility and convenience in mind, the YakAttack PanFish Pro Camera Mount is a premium track-mounted holster for your camera.

The PanFish Pro is designed to mount directly onto nearly any kayak track system, including those from YakAttack, YakGear, and Scotty Fishing Products. This mount is also compatible with all GoPro models, and it even works with digital cameras that feature a standard 1/4-20 mount.

The PanFish Pro uses the company’s proprietary LockNLoad and Camera Ball. Thanks to these systems, you can quickly adjust the orientation of your GoPro without removing the camera from the mount. This helps secure your GoPro while giving you the flexibility you need with your shooting angles on the water.

The PanFish Pro is made with rugged aluminum, which provides a superior blend of durability and weight savings. The mount also has a unique design that makes it incredibly rigid and easy to rotate with one hand. As a result, it reduces unwanted shaking in your videos and makes it easier to get panning shots as you paddle.

While the PanFish Pro is a solid mount with many great features, including a lifetime guarantee, we can’t overlook the fact that this is one expensive mount. Its tall height also isn’t great for windy and choppy conditions. As a result, this model is ideal for paddlers that primarily kayak on flat water and are willing to pay extra for the best possible gear.

Reasons to buy:

  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Easy to rotate and adjust with one hand
  • Rigid design reduces camera shake
  • Compatible with all GoPros and most digital cameras
  • Can be mounted onto nearly any kayak track system

Reasons to avoid:

  • Fairly expensive
  • Tall height isn’t great in bad weather

Best Small Track Mount: YakAttack PanFish Portrait Pro Camera Mount

The YakAttack PanFish Portrait Pro is a small, innovative GoPro track mount for keen paddlers that want to capture every moment of their adventures.

This mount uses YakAttack’s camera ball system and LockNLoad base to allow you to get full 360º rotation of your camera while you’re on the water. At the same time, the company’s proprietary camera ball and the mount’s rugged aluminum frame are just stiff enough to help hold your GoPro in the proper orientation without introducing shake into your footage.

This LockNLoad base allows you to quickly configure the positioning and angle of your camera with just one hand. You can also remove the mount from its base with the push of a button if you need to snap a shot from a different angle.

The PanFish Portrait Pro is compatible with all GoPro models and most digital cameras that use a 1/4-20 mount. This makes it a versatile option for paddlers that pack various cameras for each trip. The mount is also designed to work with most track systems on the market so that you can use it with nearly any kayak.

The PanFish Portrait Pro is a solid track mount, so it’s hard to find fault with this model. But one thing to note is that it’s substantially shorter than some of the company’s other track mounts, like the PanFish Pro. As a result, it’s best for use with low-angle shots of you or the water rather than a birds-eye view of your kayak.

Reasons to buy:

  • Provides 360º adjustability for your camera
  • Compatible with all GoPros and most digital cameras
  • LockNLoad system for quick angle adjustments
  • Stiff frame reduces shake
  • Can be mounted onto most kayak track systems

Reasons to avoid:

  • Relatively short height limits footage versatility

Best Clamp Mount: GoPro Jaws Flex Clamp Mount

One of the most popular GoPro mounts on the market, the GoPro Jaws Flex Clamp Mount is a quick and easy way to attach your action camera to your kayak.

As the name suggests, this mount features a large, sturdy clamp. This clamp can secure your GoPro to nearly any object between 0.25″ and 2″ in thickness. It’s crafted to attach to anything from irregularly shaped objects to thin surfaces, so it’s an easy mount to clip onto the rim of your kayak’s cockpit before you start paddling.

Additionally, the Jaws Flex Clamp comes with a removable gooseneck attachment system. This removable gooseneck provides a nearly unlimited amount of adjustability for your camera, allowing you to change your shot angle in a matter of seconds.

Like many GoPro-built mounts, the Jaws Flex Clamp uses the company’s proprietary quick-release base system. As a result, it’s compatible with all GoPro cameras. This functionality also means that the mount can be used in conjunction with other mounts on your kayak.

Nevertheless, this versatile clamp mount does have its drawbacks. In addition to being a GoPro-only mount that’s not compatible with other cameras, the Jaws Flex Clamp’s attachment system isn’t as secure as other mount types. Therefore, it’s best for use in flat water where the risk of the clamp coming undone is relatively low.

Reasons to buy:

  • Can attach to a wide range of surfaces and objects
  • Includes a flexible extension for different angles
  • Compatible with all GoPro models
  • Easily adjustable system

Reasons to avoid:

  • Clamp system isn’t as secure as other mount types
  • Only compatible with GoPros

Best Suction Mount: Bodhi Floaty Suction Cup Mount

Rugged and versatile, the Bodhi Floaty Suction Cup Mount is a popular choice for capturing action shots in a wide range of water and weather conditions.

Specifically engineered for use in rough waters, the palm-sized Floaty Suction Cup Mount is designed to attach to any hard-sided kayak. It uses three industrial-grade locking suction cups to latch onto your kayak, and it comes with a loop for a tether cord for added peace of mind on the water.

Since this mount requires no adhesives or other permanent fixtures to attach to your kayak, you can quickly change the positioning of your GoPro as you paddle. Furthermore, the aptly named Floaty features a hollow construction that allows it to float if you accidentally drop your GoPro in the water while out on an adventure.

The Bodhi Floaty has a multi-compatible mount system that works with various GoPro cameras, such as the MAX 360, HERO, and Session series. However, note that this mount won’t float if used with the GoPro Fusion and some of the company’s larger legacy cameras.

The Bodhi Floaty is a reliable choice for paddlers who want an easily removable yet rugged mount for their kayaking footage. But keep in mind that this mount doesn’t allow you to adjust your camera angle easily, so it’s best for kayaking trips where you want one shot of the action.

Reasons to buy:

  • Can be used on any hard-sided kayak
  • Designed to float if you drop it overboard
  • Features three industrial-strength suction cups 
  • Includes a tether loop for extra security

Reasons to avoid:

  • Camera angle isn’t easily adjustable
  • Won’t float when used with larger legacy GoPro models

Best Helmet Mount: GoPro Helmet Front and Side Mount

A quality companion for your kayaking helmet, the GoPro Helmet Front and Side Mount is the ideal way to capture POV (point of view) action shots on the water.

This affordable mount system is designed to quickly attach to your helmet’s side or front. It also comes with two curved adhesive mounts, so you can configure this system for use on two different helmets.

The primary advantage of the GoPro Helmet Front and Side Mount is that it’s compatible with any camera in the company’s line-up. But keep in mind that using it with a larger GoPro, like the MAX 360, could throw off the weight distribution of your helmet.

This mounting system is also designed to work well with its included Swivel Mount accessory, so you can make minor adjustments to your camera angle while on the go. Doing so makes getting close-up footage of your face and body easier as you paddle.

However, there are some limitations to this mount. In particular, do remember that this system is designed to attach to your helmet permanently. It can also be challenging to mount to your helmet if your noggin protector has a lot of vents and uneven surfaces. But if you have a compatible helmet, it’s an excellent option for folks that want quality POV shots.

Reasons to buy:

  • Affordable price point
  • Includes two adhesive mounts
  • Comes with a Swivel Mount accessory for angle adjustments
  • Quick and easy set-up
  • Excellent for POV shots

Reasons to avoid:

  • Not great for use with larger GoPro models
  • Difficult to mount on some helmets
  • Designed to be a permanent attachment system

Best Chest Mount: GoPro Performance Chest Mount

Combining the POV capabilities of a helmet mount with the added comfort and security of a chest harness, the GoPro Performance Chest Mount is a time-tested option for any paddle outing.

Built using a set of super stretchy nylon straps and lots of padding, the Performance Chest Mount is designed to be used wherever your adventures take you. It’s fully adjustable, too, so it can fit people with a range of body types and over your PFD.

With the Performance Chest Mount, you get a stable platform for capturing footage with any camera in GoPro’s collection. The chest straps on this mount are also easy to put on and take off, thanks to its integrated quick-release buckle.

The downside to this chest mount is that, despite its well-padded construction, it is known to cause chafing if worn for too long. Also, unless you tighten down the straps on this mount, your camera will likely bounce around as you paddle. This makes it better for flatwater paddlers where choppy seas and shaky footage are less likely scenarios.

Reasons to buy:

  • Stretchy straps and a well-padded design
  • Quick-release buckle for ease of use
  • Fully adjustable straps fit over most PFDs
  • Provides a unique POV shot of the water

Reasons to avoid:

  • Can cause some chafing
  • Known to shake the camera in choppy water

GoPro Kayak Mount Buying Advice

GoPro on a mount with ocean view

With so many excellent GoPro kayaking mount options to choose from, selecting the perfect model for your needs isn’t as straightforward as it might seem. So, here are some key features to consider before buying.

Types of GoPro Mounts

These days, GoPro mounts come in a whole range of different shapes and sizes. Each of these types of GoPro mounts is designed for a specific purpose, though, so determining which one is best for your needs is essential. Here’s a quick look at how different mounts perform on the water.

  • Track Mounts – Track mounts are kayaking-specific GoPro mounts designed to attach directly to your kayak’s track mount system. These mounts are super versatile because they often allow for quick adjustments to the angle and orientation of your camera. The downside is that they’re usually relatively expensive and only practical if your kayak has a track mount system.
  • Clamp Mounts – Clamp mounts feature a large spring-loaded clamp that can be used to attach your GoPro to various objects. For kayakers, the most suitable place to attach these mounts is to the rim of your cockpit. These mounts are often reasonably inexpensive, but they are less secure than other options.
  • Suction Mounts – As their name suggests, suction mounts have industrial-grade suction cups on one side that can be used to form a strong seal with your kayak. These mounts are popular because they are a versatile and adjustable way to attach your GoPro anywhere on your boat. However, they often don’t work well with inflatable kayaks.
  • Drill-Down Mounts – Designed to be permanently attached to the deck of your kayak, drill-down mounts provide premium security for your GoPro on the water. This mount type is best for paddlers who don’t want to take any chances with losing their camera. But they are fixed in place, so they’re not as versatile as the other mounts on our list.
  • Helmet Mounts – Aptly named, helmet mounts are engineered as a way to attach your GoPro to your kayaking helmet. This mount type provides impeccable POV footage, even if it can feel awkward to wear at first. Also, note that many helmet mounts use adhesives to permanently attach to your helmet. So they’re best for paddlers who don’t mind modifying their gear.
  • Chest Mounts – Chest mounts are an excellent alternative to helmet mounts for paddling contexts where a helmet isn’t practical. These mounts provide a slightly different POV angle that gets more of your hands and paddle in the shot. But chest mounts are known to cause chafing, so it’s often better to wear them on top of your PFD or other paddling clothing.
  • Wrist Mounts – The wrist mount is arguably the most controversial of all the GoPro mount options. Some people love wrist mounts, while others wouldn’t ever be caught wearing them. Ultimately, wrist mounts provide an easy way to get selfies and immersive POV footage. However, they’re not very practical for kayaking, where your arms constantly move and shake the camera.

GoPro Compatibility

When buying a GoPro mount for kayaking, one of the first things to consider is whether a given mount is compatible with your GoPro.

Thankfully, GoPro had the foresight to use a universal mount system on all of their cameras, so you generally shouldn’t have a problem finding a compatible mount. But keep in mind that some mounts don’t work as well with some of the company’s larger cameras, such as the legacy GoPro Fusion or the GoPro MAX 360.

For example, using these larger cameras with a helmet mount might throw the weight distribution of your helmet out of whack. The size of these large cameras can also sometimes limit the adjustability of a given mount.

The moral of the story here is that you should always check a mount’s compatibility with your camera before buying. This is particularly true if you’re looking for a mount that you can use with other digital cameras. But when in doubt, ask the manufacturer if their mount will work with your gear. Doing so will save you a lot of hassle down the line.

Kayak Compatibility

We’ve already mentioned the importance of checking your GoPro’s compatibility with different mounts before you buy. But it’s worth remembering that your camera mount must also be compatible with your kayak, or it won’t do you much good on the water.

For example, most suction mounts don’t work well on inflatable kayaks simply because they can’t make as good of a seal with your boat. Meanwhile, if you want to use a track mount, you’ll need to be sure that your kayak has a compatible track mount system before you hit the water.

Most other types of mounts don’t require physically attaching your GoPro to your boat. But if you want to attach your camera to your kayak, be sure that the mount you want is compatible before making your purchase.

Mount Adjustability

If you want to create awesome edits of your paddling adventures, having a GoPro mount that allows you to take footage from various angles is helpful. Thankfully, many mounts, such as the YakAttack PanFish Portrait Pro, allow for 360º adjustability, so you can always get the perfect shot.

However, some mounts aren’t as adjustable, which can be either beneficial or detrimental to your filming experience. If you’re looking to get footage from a single angle, this adjustability might be more functionality than you need, and you’ll likely pay more for no reason.

All this means is that you need to consider what kinds of shots you want to take before you invest in a GoPro mount.

If the ability to adjust the angle of your camera at all times is essential, then a more adjustable mount might be appropriate. Alternatively, if you’re the type of paddler that likes to set their camera and forget about it until the end of the day, you might be able to save money by getting a model with fewer bells and whistles.

Permanent vs. Temporary Mounts

As we’ve mentioned in our discussion of the different types of GoPro kayak mounts, some mounts are designed to permanently attach to your boat or other pieces of gear. These include drill-down and helmet mounts, which require hardware or adhesives to secure your camera to your equipment.

Permanent mounts like these are sometimes nice to have because they offer a superb amount of security for your gear. Simply put, your GoPro is less likely to fall off if it’s permanently attached to your kayak or helmet.

However, permanently attaching your GoPro mount has drawbacks.

Besides the fact that installing these mounts permanently alters your gear, these mounts also can’t be quickly moved to another part of your kayak or helmet when you want a different type of shot. In these situations, suction cup mounts and other similar temporary mounting systems are often preferred.

Durability & Warranty

Finally, before committing to any specific model, you should always consider a GoPro mount’s durability.

Since kayaking in rough waters and bad weather conditions can be hard on your gear, you need to be sure that your camera mount can stand the test of time. This means looking for models made from durable materials like aluminum and ABS plastic whenever possible.

Along these same lines, you should also consider the terms of any warranty policy associated with a camera mount. Most quality manufacturers offer a warranty for their mount, which can provide peace of mind when buying an expensive piece of gear.

However, most mount companies will not cover the costs of replacing your GoPro if it falls off due to improper use. So, always take the time to ensure that your mount is appropriate for your camera and kayak before using it in real life. 

The Verdict

Bringing a GoPro on your paddling trips can be a great way to capture the magic of your adventures. However, doing so usually requires having a quality mount on hand to ensure that you can snap those amazing shots while on the water.

Although there are dozens of options available, our pick for the best GoPro mount for kayaking is the YakAttack PanFish Pro Camera Mount. While it’s not great in choppy waters, if you want truly exceptional and unique videos of your kayaking experience, the adjustability and versatility of this mount are second to none.