Best Kayak Trailers in 2022

best kayak trailers

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Transporting kayaks is no easy task. Lifting kayaks onto the roof of your vehicle and tying them down properly is a challenge in its own right. 

The good news? If you have a quality kayak trailer, you can quickly and easily move multiple boats and extra gear to and from the put-in. A trailer also eliminates the need to lift your kayaks onto the top of your car.

However, nothing good comes easy. Trailers are notoriously tricky to shop for because you have to find the perfect trailer for both your kayaks and your vehicle.

In this guide to all things kayak transport, we’ll introduce you to the eight best kayak trailers available today. 

Quick Summary

If you’re in a hurry, here are our top picks. Or continue scrolling to see our full list with in-depth reviews.

  • Best Budget: Ironton Personal Watercraft and Boat Trailer Kit
    “If you’re looking to cut costs without sacrificing quality, the Ironton Personal Watercraft and Boat Trailer Kit is one kayak trailer that’s worthy of your consideration.”
  • Best Kayak Trailer with Storage: SylvanSport Go Easy Ultimate Kayak Trailer Package
    “Engineered specifically for paddlers that crave more gear storage on the road, the SylvanSport Go Easy Ultimate Kayak Trailer Package provides ample space for all your kayaks and equipment during any adventure.”
  • Best Folding Kayak Trailer: Ironton Steel Folding Utility Trailer Kit
    “With the Ironton Steel Folding Utility Trailer Kit, you get a fully-featured kayak trailer that folds down small for simplified storage when you’re not on the road.”
  • Best Lightweight Kayak Trailer: Malone EcoLight 2-Boat V-Rack Kayak Trailer Package
    “Perfect for paddlers with smaller cars, the Malone EcoLight 2-Boat V-Rack Kayak Trailer Package is a spiffy little trailer that packs a lot of value into a lightweight package.”
  • Best Kayak Trailer for Bikes: Rambo Bikes Canoe Trailer and Kayak Trailer
    “The Rambo Bikes Canoe Trailer and Kayak Trailer is a fun little trailer that lets you transport your kayak to the put-in with your bike.”

Our buying guide at the end of the list also provides all the information you’ll need to select the best trailer for your kayaks.

Best Overall: Malone MicroSport 2-Boat MegaWing Kayak Trailer Package

Dimensions: 159 x 78 x 30 in | Weight: 197 lbs | Load Capacity: 800 lbs

One of the most popular kayak towing systems on the market, the Malone MicroSport 2-Boat MegaWing Kayak Trailer Package is a versatile medium-duty trailer for all your kayak transport needs.

This trailer features a marine-grade galvanized steel construction with an extra-long reinforced tongue for maximum performance on the road. It weighs just 197 lbs, so it’s compatible with a wide range of vehicles. This rack can also carry up to 800 lbs worth of boats, including 2 kayaks up to 20 feet long.

With the Malone MicroSport 2-Boat MegaWing, you get enough space to carry 2 kayaks on a set of steel cross rails. Each of these cross rails has D-ring tie-down points, too, so that it’s easier to load your kayaks. Additionally, this rack has V-style carriers designed to hold your kayaks in a deck-down orientation to improve your car’s gas mileage.

As far as on-road performance goes, the Malone MicroSport 2-Boat comes with DOT-approved LED lighting, pre-fitted electrical wiring, and a full-sized galvanized steel spare wheel. It also has a double leaf spring suspension so that it can handle some bumpy roads during your adventures.

The main drawback to the Malone MicroSport 2-Boat MegaWing is its hefty price tag. This trailer also doesn’t come with much storage for your paddling gear, so it’s primarily designed to transport kayaks. But if you need a durable and reliable kayak trailer for your paddling outings, the Malone MicroSport is tough to beat.

  • Very durable marine-grade galvanized steel construction
  • DOT-approved LED lighting and pre-fitted electrical wiring
  • Can accommodate 800 lbs of boats, including kayaks up to 20 feet long
  • Comes with a full-sized galvanized steel spare wheel
  • V-style kayak carriers are more fuel-efficient in transport
  • Expensive for a 2-boat trailer
  • Doesn’t have much storage space for extra gear

Best Budget: Ironton Personal Watercraft and Boat Trailer Kit

Dimensions: 127 x 53 x 16 inWeight: 216 lbsLoad Capacity: 610 lbs

Ironton Personal Watercraft and Boat Trailer Kit

Want to transport a kayak without breaking the bank? The Ironton Personal Watercraft and Boat Trailer Kit might be what you need.

Ironton’s boat trailer offers a simple, no-frills way to transport your kayak to and from the put-in. It has a total weight capacity of 610 lbs, so it’s more than capable of handling even the heaviest kayaks. 

This boat and kayak trailer comes with two protective fenders and padded boat racks to protect your kayak in transport. The Ironton Personal Watercraft and Boat Trailer Kit also comes completely outfitted with a 1 7/8 in coupler and tail lights, so you’re ready to hit the road.

Ironton also engineered this personal watercraft trailer with a set of 12-inch tires for a smooth ride on the open road. It’s even made from powder-coated steel that’s been speed tested to 55 mph to provide you with maximum durability in the long term.

Keep in mind that this trailer is only suitable for transporting a single kayak because of the way its trailer bed is designed. It’s also fairly heavy for a trailer of this size, so it may not be ideal for use with smaller vehicles. But if keeping costs low is a primary concern, the Ironton Personal Watercraft and Boat Trailer Kit deserves your consideration.

  • Very affordable for a kayak trailer
  • Made with durable powder-coated steel
  • Padded trailer bed protects your kayak
  • Includes all necessary tail lights and a 1 7/8 in coupler
  • Heavy for a small trailer
  • Can only transport 1 kayak

Best Kayak Trailer with Storage: SylvanSport Go Easy Ultimate Kayak Trailer Package

Dimensions: 150 x 62 x 35 inWeight: 305 lbsLoad Capacity: 495 lbs

Perfect for the gear-savvy paddler, the SylvanSport Go Easy Ultimate Kayak Trailer Package makes it easy to transport your kayaks and all of your equipment to and from the water.

SylvanSport designed the Go Easy Ultimate Kayak Trailer Package using a powder-coated steel frame that boasts rotomolded fenders and a tailgate to protect your kayaks on the road. In addition, this trailer has a low-profile design and custom-tuned Dexter torsion axles for a smoother ride and improved gas efficiency.

The Go Easy Ultimate Kayak Trailer Package has a multi-sport rack system and crossbars compatible with most kayak and bike carriers. It can accommodate up to 2 kayaks that weigh a combined 110 lbs, so it’s perfect for most recreational boats.

The best part? This kayak trailer comes with an aluminum diamond-plated gear deck that provides you with ample space to haul all of your important gear. There’s also a rotomolded and watertight front storage box that you can use to keep essential equipment dry on the road. Plus, when you’re at home, this trailer can even be stored upright.

Do note that this trailer’s 495 lbs maximum weight capacity is relatively low and that it’s one of the more expensive trailers on the market. However, despite these shortcomings, the Go Easy Ultimate Kayak Trailer Package is still a solid choice for paddlers who want just one trailer that can haul their gear and kayaks. 

  • Comes with a dedicated gear storage system
  • Made with powder-coated steel and rotomolded fenders for durability
  • Can be stored upright to save space in your garage or shed
  • Designed to transport up to 2 kayaks
  • Low-profile design for improved gas efficiency
  • Low overall weight capacity
  • One of the more expensive 2-boat trailer options available

Best Kayak Trailer for 4 Kayaks: Malone MicroSport 4-Boat J-Pro2 Kayak Trailer Package

Dimensions: 159 x 78 x 30 inWeight: 263 lbsLoad Capacity: 800 lbs

The Malone MicroSport 4-Boat J-Pro2 Kayak Trailer Package is a go-to trailer for paddlers that need to transport a fleet of kayaks.

This trailer has the same basic design as the classic MicroSport trailer but with a set of J-shaped kayak carriers. As a result, this trailer can accommodate 4 kayaks up to 20 feet long, and it boasts an impressive 800 lb weight capacity.

Like the classic MicroSport, this model has a marine-grade galvanized steel construction and double leaf spring suspension for added durability. It also features full steel cross rails and galvanized high-speed steel wheels with marine-grade bearings, improving road performance.

As a bonus, Malone engineered this trailer to have an extra-long reinforced tongue so that it can handle longer kayaks without sacrificing its drivability. It also comes with all the DOT-approved LED lights and wiring that you need to hit the road.

There are a lot of benefits to using a 4-boat low-bed trailer like this one, including its ease of loading. However, placing kayaks on a trailer in J-shaped carriers usually causes a sizable reduction in gas mileage. Assembling this trailer can also be a bit tricky. But if you want a simple way to transport lots of kayaks, this is one trailer that’s worth considering.

  • Can accommodate 4 kayaks
  • Includes 4 sets of J-shaped kayak carriers
  • Very durable galvanized steel construction
  • Extra-long reinforced tongue for drivability
  • Can be difficult to assemble
  • Not great for fuel efficiency

Best Folding Kayak Trailer: Ironton Steel Folding Utility Trailer Kit

Dimensions: 135 x 62 x 19 inWeight: 253 lbsLoad Capacity: 1,170 lbs

Ironton Steel Folding Utility Trailer Kit

Crafted specifically for anyone short on storage space, the Ironton Steel Folding Utility Trailer Kit is convenient for transporting kayaks over short distances.

As its name suggests, the Ironton Steel Folding Utility Trailer Kit is designed to fold up small when not in use. When folded upright, this trailer can roll onto its built-in caster wheels, where it measures just over 7 feet tall and 2 feet wide.

Meanwhile, on the road, this trailer can fit 1 or 2 kayaks onto its rugged steel frame, which can accommodate a maximum load capacity of 1,170 lbs. This trailer could also be used to carry an assortment of other gear, especially if you outfit it with a storage box.

The Ironton Steel Folding Utility Trailer Kit also comes with everything you need to haul your kayaks. This includes a leaf spring suspension, 1 7/8 in coupler, safety chains with S-hooks, and a full light set with wiring.

That said, this trailer has a maximum road speed of 45 mph, so it’s not functional for longer road trips or highway use. It also has a relatively short tongue length, making it slightly more challenging to drive. However, when it comes to ease of storage, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more functional kayak trailer than the Ironton Steel Folding Utility Trailer Kit.

  • Folds to a compact size when not in use
  • Includes caster wheels for moving the trailer around in storage
  • Heavy-duty steel construction and impressive 1,170 lbs capacity
  • Can fit 1 or 2 kayaks plus storage boxes or other gear
  • Not rated for highway use
  • Relatively short tongue length is tricky to drive

Best Lightweight Kayak Trailer: Malone EcoLight 2-Boat V-Rack Kayak Trailer Package

Dimensions: 126 x 58 x 24 inWeight: 145 lbsLoad Capacity: 400 lbs

The Malone EcoLight 2-Boat V-Rack Kayak Trailer Package is a reliable and functional choice for paddlers that need the lightest possible trailer for their kayaks.

Tipping the scales at just 145 lbs, the Malone EcoLight is one of the lightest kayak trailers on the market. Nevertheless, it can accommodate up to 2 kayaks in its dedicated padded kayak carriers for easy transport to and from the put-in.

Like most Malone trailers, the EcoLight is made from marine-grade galvanized steel for durability. It also has a galvanized steel heavy-duty axle and a leaf spring suspension system to give you a smoother ride on the road, even when the trailer is transporting a full load.

Malone also built this trailer to have powder-coated high-speed wheels and injection-molded fenders to provide you with a more reliable transportation system for years on end. It also includes DOT-approved submersible incandescent lighting and all the wiring you need to start driving.

As with most lightweight trailers, the Malone EcoLight has a low maximum load capacity of 400 lbs, though this is more than sufficient for transporting 2 kayaks. Unfortunately, it also doesn’t have any extra space for gear storage, and it can only accommodate kayaks that are up to 14 feet long. That said, it’s still a solid choice for anyone that wants a no-frills lightweight trailer.

  • One of the lightest kayak trailers available
  • Features a galvanized steel construction
  • Includes all wiring and DOT-approved submersible lighting
  • Padded kayak carriers to protect your boat in transport
  • No extra gear storage space
  • Low weight capacity and maximum kayak length

Best Kayak Trailer for Anglers: Malone MegaSport 2-Boat MegaWing Ultimate Angler Trailer Package

Dimensions: 174 x 68 x 58 inWeight: 325 lbsLoad Capacity: 1,000 lbs

Featuring everything you need to head to the water to paddle and cast lines, the Malone MegaSport 2-Boat MegaWing Ultimate Angler Trailer Package is a must-have for all kayak anglers.

This trailer is built on Malone’s standard MegaSport 2-Boat MegaWing chassis, but it comes with several extra features for the anglers among us. It boats a marine-grade 11-gauge pre-galvanized steel construction with a heavy-duty leaf spring suspension that can transport a maximum of 1,000 lbs of gear and kayaks.

Additionally, Malone designed this trailer with extra-strong MegaWing boat carriers so it can transport 6 fishing kayaks that are up to 21 feet long at once. It also has an extra-long reinforced tongue and high-speed DOT-approved wheels for better performance on the road.

To sweeten the deal even further, this trailer also comes with a slew of gear storage options. It includes a milk crate cage that can hold up to 5 standard milk crakes. This trailer also has telescoping fishing rod storage tubes that can hold up to 6 rods and a water-resistant storage drawer. For your PFD and paddles, it also includes an oversized wire basket.

This is one impressive kayak trailer. But it is one of the most expensive models available, and assembly can be challenging. This trailer from Malone is also relatively heavy, and it generally requires a larger car or truck to tow safely when fully loaded. However, if you’re a kayak angler, this is one trailer you simply can’t overlook.

  • Can carry up to 6 fishing kayaks
  • Includes dedicated fishing rod storage tubes
  • Comes with multiple gear storage baskets
  • Durable steel frame and construction
  • High-speed tires and quality suspension for on-road performance
  • Very expensive
  • Too heavy to be towed by smaller vehicles
  • Assembly can be tricky

Best Kayak Trailer for Bikes: Rambo Bikes Canoe Trailer and Kayak Trailer

Dimensions: 120 x 96 x 36 inWeight: 28 lbsLoad Capacity: 70 lbs

Rambo Bikes Canoe Trailer and Kayak Trailer

If multi-sport outdoor getaways are more your style, the Rambo Bikes Canoe Trailer and Kayak Trailer just might be what you’re looking for.

Unlike the other trailers in our review, this model from Rambo Bikes is designed to be hauled by a bike—not a car. Despite its rugged steel frame, it weighs just 28 lbs when empty, so it’s simple enough to transport by hand or by bike.

This trailer from Rambo Bikes lets you tow a single kayak with your bike using the included padded kayak carrier and ratchet straps. In addition to your kayak, you can also transport your paddling gear, thanks to the trailer’s 70 lbs load capacity. 

That said, if you plan to use this trailer with a Rambo e-bike, you will need to invest in the company’s luggage rack attachment system, too, for proper installation. It also only has one axle, so the trailer doesn’t stay upright during loading unless it’s pre-attached to your bike.

As far as kayak trailers go, this model from Rambo Bikes is undoubtedly one of the more unique options available. While its functionality might be limited for paddlers that need to transport their kayak on highways, it’s a fantastic accessory for anyone that can bike to their local lake or river.

  • Makes it easy to transport kayaks using a bike
  • Lightweight design is easy to move by hand or bike
  • Includes padded kayak carriers to prevent damage to your boat
  • Comes with all necessary kayak ratchet straps
  • Rugged steel frame for durability
  • Single axle construction can be tricky to load
  • Limited functionality for longer commutes to the put-in

Kayak Trailer Buying Guide

A kayak trailer is a significant investment. Unfortunately, most kayak trailers are pretty pricey, so it’s vital that you get exactly what you need for all your paddling adventures. Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind as you shop for your next kayak trailer.

Types of Kayak Trailers

The first thing to know about kayak trailers is that they’re not all created equal. In fact, there are many different kinds of kayak trailers on the market, including:

  • Low Bed – The classic kayak trailer design, low bed trailers feature a low-profile construction that can typically accommodate 1 to 2 kayaks. These models tend to be more affordable than the competition, and they usually offer better gas mileage on the road. The downside is that they usually have limited kayak and gear storage capacities.
  • Stacked – As the name suggests, stacked trailers are designed to transport multiple kayaks by stacking each boat on top of each other. These trailers can either be relatively svelte and have a sleek frame that can accommodate only 4 kayaks, or they can be huge trailers that can carry upwards of 12 kayaks. The main advantage of a stacked trailer is that it lets you transport lots of boats at once. But these trailers tend to be heavy, expensive, and challenging to drive.
  • Multi-Sport – Explicitly designed with the avid outdoor adventurer in mind, a multi-sport trailer is any trailer that can accommodate a range of different sports equipment. Most of these trailers can carry 1 to 2 kayaks as well as bikes and storage boxes for maximum versatility. They’re often reasonably expensive, but if you want one trailer that can do it all, a multi-sport model might be a good idea.

Vehicle Towing Capacity & Compatibility

Whenever you buy a kayak trailer, you need to consider whether or not it’s compatible with your vehicle. Safety on the road is of the utmost importance, so it’s imperative that you never exceed the maximum tow capacity of your car or truck.

You can find the maximum towing capacity for your vehicle listed in your car or truck’s owner’s manual. Most vehicles also have a certification sticker on the inside of the driver’s side door that lists all of the important specs of your vehicle.

When assessing your vehicle’s maximum towing capacity, you can use several different measurement systems. 

The easiest option is to look at your car’s gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR). This is the maximum amount of weight that your vehicle can move when it’s loaded with passengers, fuel, gear, and a trailer, so you never want to exceed this number.

That said, kayak trailers are very light compared to all other types on the market. The vast majority of kayak trailers weigh less than 400 pounds, and you probably won’t load more than 100 to 200 pounds worth of boats and equipment onto your trailer. 

Most of the crossovers, SUVs, and trucks on the market today can handle 10 to 20 times that amount of weight in a trailer. So the total weight of your kayak trailer usually isn’t a huge deal if you have a larger vehicle. 

But if you have a small sedan or you’re not sure what your vehicle’s towing capacity is, be sure to double-check before you buy a trailer. 

Remember that you never want to come close to exceeding your car’s towing capacity, as this can be exceptionally dangerous for both you and everyone else on the road. When in doubt, call a dealership or a mechanic and get expert advice on your car’s towing capacity.

Total Kayak Storage Capacity

In addition to the towing capacity of your vehicle, you also have to check the total kayak storage capacity of a trailer before you buy. In particular, whenever you research a kayak trailer, you need to consider:

  • How many kayaks that trailer can support
  • The largest size kayak that you can fit onto the trailer
  • The maximum weight capacity of the trailer

The kayak storage capacity of a trailer is important from a safety perspective on the road. But it also has significant practical implications for a trailer’s usefulness in your life. Simply put, if you get a trailer that’s too small for your fleet of kayaks, it’s not going to do you much good in the long term.

That said, if you only have relatively small recreational or child-sized kayaks, you probably don’t have to worry too much about getting a trailer that’s too small for your boats. But if you have long sea kayaks or tandem kayaks, you may need to consider whether or not they’ll be too big for any given trailer.

Extra Gear Storage

While most people buy kayak trailers to help transport their kayaks, many trailers now come with extra gear storage for all of your paddling kit.

Trailers that include gear storage often come with a large metal box on the underside of the trailer that can be packed full of gear, like your paddles and PFD. This can be super helpful if you have limited gear storage space in your vehicle. 

But, as you can imagine, extra gear storage space on a kayak trailer doesn’t come cheap, and you can generally only find this feature on pricier trailers. Plus, the more weight you load into a trailer, the trickier it can be to drive. So, while having that extra gear storage is awesome, you need to consider whether it’s really worth having on your kayak trailer.

Materials & Durability

When you invest in something like a kayak trailer, you need to know that your money will be well spent and that your trailer will last throughout years of adventure. As a result, finding a trailer that’s durable enough to handle thousands of miles on the road is critical.

One of the easiest ways to assess a kayak trailer’s durability is to look at the materials it’s constructed out of.

Nowadays, most kayak trailers are made from steel, which is durable and relatively affordable. Galvanized steel is even better than non-galvanized steel for use in a kayak trailer because it’s less likely to rust after frequent exposure to saltwater. That said, steel trailers tend to be heavy, so they’re not always ideal if you need to keep your trailer weight as low as possible.

The other main kayak trailer material is aluminum. Compared to steel, aluminum is slightly less durable, but substantially lighter. This makes it the material of choice in ultralight kayak trailers. But it does cost much more than steel, so you won’t find it in budget-friendly models.

And if you’re serious about getting a durable kayak trailer, you might want to consider the size and style of the wheels that come on any given model. 

While a trailer’s wheels don’t often draw much attention, they’re integral to any kayak transportation system. Many manufacturers outfit their trailers with smaller 12-inch tires so that the trailer is lower to the ground and easier to load. The downside is that smaller tires are more likely to puncture on rough roads, and tend to wear out quicker over time.

There’s ultimately no right or wrong answer when it comes to the construction of your kayak trailer. Every trailer comes with its advantages and disadvantages as far as durability is concerned. The key point here is that you get a trailer that’s durable enough for your needs. 

Ease of Loading & Unloading Kayaks

Compared to a car-top kayak rack, one of the most significant advantages of getting a kayak trailer is that they’re so much easier to load. But not all trailers are made equal in this regard as some models are easier to load than others.

Determining how easy a trailer will be to load isn’t straightforward, though there are a number of characteristics you can look at to see whether a given model was crafted with convenience in mind.

One of the most important things to look at is the height of the trailer’s crossbars or bed. This height clues you into how high you’ll have to lift your kayak off the ground to load it onto your trailer. If you can’t find this information, take a look at the size of the trailer’s tires. Trailers with smaller tires tend to be lower to the ground—and easier to load—than those with bigger wheels.

Ease of Driving

Driving a trailer for the first time can seem like a daunting task, but after a few road trips, you’ll probably find that you get the hang of it. Nevertheless, no one likes to make things harder for themselves than necessary, so finding a trailer that’s reasonably easy to drive is always a bonus.

To assess how easy it might be to drive a trailer, consider that trailer’s tongue length. The tongue length is the distance between the hitch and front axle of a trailer. 

Generally, longer tongue lengths let you load longer kayaks without damaging your vehicle. They also reduce the risk that your trailer will jackknife while you try to maneuver in reverse. Since reversing is often the most challenging part of driving a trailer, getting a model with a longer tongue length can be super helpful.

Of course, trailers with longer tongue lengths also have their drawbacks. Most notably, trailers with longer tongue lengths tend to be heavier and more expensive than their short tongue counterparts. But if you’re okay with some extra weight and cost, getting a trailer with a long tongue length is often a smart move.

Another thing to consider when assessing drivability is a trailer’s suspension system. Not all trailers actually come with suspension systems, though these can make things way easier for you on the road. This is particularly true if you spend a lot of time driving on rough roads or if you plan on hauling a lot of heavy gear in your trailer.

Ease of Storage

One of the biggest disadvantages of using a kayak trailer over a rooftop rack for transportation is that kayak trailers can be a pain to store. Unless you happen to have a huge driveway, you’ll probably need to eke out a place to store your trailer in a garage or a shed.

Thankfully, some trailers are designed to fold up small when not in use for easy storage. Others can be stored upright on their backside so that they take up a smaller footprint in your garage. Better yet, some trailers have retractable and removable tongues so that they’re easier to store in small places.

Regardless of what kind of trailer you opt for, be sure to measure your intended storage space before you buy. You definitely want to ensure that you have enough storage space for your trailer early on in the buying process so that you’re not scrambling to find a place for it once it arrives at your home.

The Verdict

A kayak trailer is a fantastic investment for any avid paddler. With the right trailer, you can make transporting your boats to and from the water as convenient as possible.

We reviewed the kayak trailers available and found that the Malone MicroSport 2-Boat MegaWing Kayak Trailer Package is the best in the business. We particularly liked that the MicroSport 2-Boat offers a nice blend of compactness, towing capacity, and user-friendliness, even though it’s a bit pricier than some of the other trailers on the market.

However, as is the case with all paddling gear, the perfect kayak trailer is the one that’s best suited for your unique needs. We hope that this guide helped you learn more about kayak trailers so you can spend less time worrying about transporting your kayaks and more time enjoying yourself on the water.